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I'm a Designer from Lawrence, KS. My interests include branding, illustration, motion graphics, and typography. I enjoy design because of it's collaborative nature and it's ability to speak to anyone in the world.


Raise the Minimum Wage. Rage is a Socioeconomic Informational Campaign that uses non-traditional mediums from a bygone era to explore the damage that is caused by the Minimum wage not being linked to the rise of Inflation.

Barbie's Breakdown

Barbie's Breakdown is a zine that compiles and re-appropriates imagery from the long series of dolls that originated in 1959. 


Freehand is a social media UI/UX Concept that focuses on the User's Journey from bare arm to full sleeve. It's an app that guides the consumer through the ideation and execution of tattoo artistry.

AIGA A16 Award winning motion sequence for 2021 American horror-thriller film Jakob's Wife directed and produced by Travis Stevens. This title sequence features a collection of several hand painted pieces.

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Ethan Haskins


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